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A Framework for Peace

The Time for Change is NOW

A WORLD WITHOUT WAR is an unabashedly honest look at our current world situation and outlines how we can respond through a Framework for Peace and Justice.

We have an unprecedented opportunity for human cooperation and evolution, should we seize the moment. If we do, a very and bright and peaceful future can certainly be ours.

There are optimistic signs. Grass roots efforts such as the Occupy Movement will continue providing a vehicle for channeling social energy toward positive change. Behind the scenes, NGOs and others across the world have been working on several fronts toward a sustainable future.

A WORLD WITHOUT WAR describes how change can occur within a democratic framework. We must regain trust in our democratic ideals, believe in the overall goodness of humanity and thus our ability to govern our own affairs, and understand we no longer have the luxury of gaming the system for individual or group advantage.

We need to cooperate for our very survival. Whether left, right, center or some variation thereof, we need to put down our disagreements and work together for the common good.

The choice is ours. My sense is that events will force change upon us, and soon.

While the powers that be assume the worst, I assume the best of humanity. I for one am glad to truly believe we can create A WORLD WITHOUT WAR.

- D.R. Thompson

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