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A Framework for Peace

A Framework for Peace and Justice

A WORLD WITHOUT WAR outlines a Framework for Peace and Justice that suggests the following:

Build a compassionate society based on trust and common human values.

Forgive unpayable and unsustainable debt, including as necessary student debt, unfair mortgages, and spiraling sovereign debt.

Empower entrepreneurs to create wealth and innovate from the bottom up.

Create a 'Truth and Reconciliation' commission to get to the heart of open questions regarding the financial meltdown and other topics of interest.

Overhaul the financial infrastructure, including introducing debt free money as a portion of GDP, per former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer's book Light at the End of the Tunnel and acting on other financial proposals as laid out by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

Ensure a basic income to allow simplification of the social safety net and more equal distribution of income. This idea moves beyond socialism and is doable and necessary in our modern age in order to ensure individual independence. Supporters of this idea have spanned the political spectrum and included Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Paine, Daniel Moynihan, Jeremy Rifken and Milton Friedman.

Downsize the military to a realistic scope relative to the size of our nation and seek international arrangements to outlaw open conflict.

Use a holistic, systems thinking approach to develop sound governmental policies moving forward.

Begin an international Manhattan Project to quickly introduce new energy technologies so that we can create a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Regain our humanity by focusing on what is good within people and fostering international solidarity for overall human benefit.

These are but some of the ideas discussed in A WORLD WITHOUT WAR.

Be assured that a portion of any purchase goes toward compassionate work. I look forward to you reading the book and getting the good work done.

- D.R. Thompson

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